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Update from Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong

Notice issued by and posted on behalf of Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong.

Months of our efforts in platform development for market expansion, will finally bear fruit! We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong on the 25th of October 2019! At launch, we will be offering major tokens such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, ADA - all paired with USDT. Additionally, WWX(ERC20) will be listed at the end of November 2019 as our platform token.

The vision of our Management aims to serve globally, and we have been hard at work connecting with industry-leading service providers. We have searched globally for the best partnerships in compliance, regulations, security, custodian services, payment gateways and more. Thanks to their invaluable collaborations, our customers will enjoy a seamless user experience with an intuitive interface, flexible fiat solutions, secure asset management, friendly user support, and mobile app. With consumer interest as our key priority, we have adopted best practises across liquidity management, market quality and regulatory compliance to minimize operational risks. To make it an even better experience in using our service, please stay tuned for campaigns on leveraging the power of our community!

We look forward to serving you on our Exchange! Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries or suggestions at

Note: The 3 regional exchanges Wowoo Exchange Singapore, Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong and Wowoo Exchange Labuan, though bearing the same trade name, are operated and managed independently under different ownerships, each being compliant with relevant regional regulations.

We will not handle business with countries and persons sanctioned by/under relative jurisdictions, examples:

(1) US Government sanctions such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba and Venezuela and sanctioned persons from Belarus, Belize…etc;

(2) United Nations Security Council Sanctions;

(3) Countries and/or person sanctioned by other jurisdictions in the EU, UK sanction lists; and/or

(4) Countries that are classified as high risk in money laundering and terrorist financing by the FATF.

Wowoo refers to one or more entities operating under the names “Wowoo”, “Wowoo Exchange”, “Wowoo Exchange Singapore”, “Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong”, “Wowoo Exchange Labuan”, or other related names and their respective subsidiaries and affiliates (each a “Wowoo Entity” and together “Wowoo Entities”). Neither Wowoo Exchange Singapore nor any of the Wowoo Entities has any liability for each other’s acts or omissions. Each Wowoo Entity is a separate and independent legal entity.