Wowoo Exchange Singapore announces official launch of digital assets trading platform

SINGAPORE, 12 SEPTEMBER 2019 — Singapore-based Wowoo Exchange today announced the official launch of its digital assets trading platform. With an initial focus on the local market, Wowoo Exchange Singapore allows users to deposit and withdraw in Singapore dollars to trade cryptocurrency. At the start, three currency pairs will be available: SGD-Bitcoin, SGD-Ethereum, and Bitcoin-Ethereum. Additional pairings will be added in the future. New users who register on the platform will also be eligible for sign-up bonuses.

The Exchange, which opened its doors to the public in early September, announced the launch following news of several partnerships with leading fintech solution providers, including Cynopsis Solutions and Xfers - all of whom share a presence in Singapore’s growing cryptocurrency scene. The partnerships will strengthen Wowoo Exchange’s platform security, commitment to regulatory compliance and protection of customer data.

Wowoo Exchange Singapore also recently announced other updates to support its product roadmap. By offering Singapore dollar transactions, as well as both market and limit orders, Wowoo Exchange Singapore can provide narrow spreads, lower trading fees, and simple and quick trades.

In the coming months, the Exchange’s users can expect to see more features like customizable dashboards, introduction of other coins, as well as advanced options such as an instant-exchange interface, and additional trade types like stop orders.

Willie Chang, CEO of Wowoo Exchange Singapore, expressed his thoughts on the launch, saying, “Having spent the last few months laying a solid foundation, including building a strong team and platform, we are excited to bring crypto trading to a wider audience in the region. In the coming months, we will continue to focus on improving the user experience.”

The Singapore Connection: Building Consumer Trust in the Cryptocurrency Space

With cryptocurrency becoming more widely adopted, Wowoo Exchange Singapore is increasingly collaborating with regional and global fintech solution providers. These include Xfers, the online payment solutions provider and one of only six Widely Accepted Stored Value Facilities (WA SVF) approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Most recently, the exchange announced a partnership with market-leading regulatory technology company, Cynopsis Solutions, to provide cutting-edge Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solutions for its customers in order to prevent identity theft, money laundering and other criminal activities crucial for building a safe trading environment for consumers.

In addition to its strong local partnerships, Wowoo Exchange Singapore is also deeply engaged with Singapore’s Fintech community. As part of its efforts to actively collaborate with the blockchain and technology community, the exchange is also a member of ACCESS, the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association, as well as the DX Committee, a premier trade association for the tech industry in Singapore.

Ashish Varma, COO of Wowoo Exchange Singapore, said “Singapore is an important milestone in the growth of Wowoo Exchange Singapore, and the nation hosts some of the most innovative tech start-ups in the world. Our partnerships underline our commitment to shaping the future of digital asset standards. At the same time, we are always looking to actively collaborate with the wider blockchain community and hope to contribute to the growth of the industry with our expertise.”

Introductory offer for new users

For a limited period of time, new users who register on the Wowoo Exchange Singapore platform will be eligible for sign-up bonuses. For more information, please visit: